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Forte7's News

Posted by Forte7 - June 28th, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates again. I've been busy with a number of personal projects plus stuff for an internship. I'm going to try to post some newer stuff, but I don't have much new stuff to really post. I'm still taking commissions and information on that can be found here:

http://tf2newbs.com/newbs_upload/scree n.png

Uh, if my submission rate lacks on here again, it's mainly due to my increased activity on one of my other dA accounts. I'm posting new stuff I'll be bringing to a convention later this fall, so if you're interested, you can see some of that newer stuff here:



Posted by Forte7 - March 18th, 2010

Yeah, I'm taking commissions still/again, so for more information on those, please check out my recent Journal entry on my DeviantArt. Here's a link for you all:

http://forte-girl7.deviantart.com/jour nal/30963734/

Also, apologies for the lack of activity. School has me absolutely swamped and I find I can't be bothered to do much else... Only seven more weeks until the summer though.

Posted by Forte7 - February 13th, 2010

Hey everyone

Sorry for the lack of recent submission. I've been super busy with college work lately, plus a few personal projects of my own.

One of those happens to be a TF2 based webcomic called Newbs Daily. I've been working with a few people from TF2Newbs.com to get this together and we launch the comic on Monday, Feb. 15 though there will be something up for Valentine's Day the day before. So, if you like TF2 or webcomics or whatever, please feel free to check it out:


We launch the 15th and release new strips on Mondays and Wednesdays, but sometimes, we may release more during certain events like holidays and stuff like that.

That's all really from me. I'll try to update more later, but right now I don't really have anything new thanks to homework piling up. So, yeah, talk to you later.


Posted by Forte7 - October 20th, 2009

Hey, everyone!

Forte's still here!

I've just been busy. Like I've mentioned before, I just started my first semester of college and my instructors are bent on running me ragged. It's been hard for me to find the time to do any personal projects of my own around all their homework!

Anyway, enough about that. I'm gonna try and post more things up here, so I hope you keep on watching. The holidays are coming up anyway (Thanksgiving and Christmas) so I should be able to definitely get more stuff up by the end of the year.

Also, I see thanks are in order, for the two Awards I just now noticed I had (one for the Daily 3rd on All in A Day's Work and one for the Daily 4th on Whoowee Makin' Bacon). Your support is greatly appreciated and I'm glad you like the small selection I have up here.

Another update from me is that I'm now doing commissions. I'll probably make another Post based on response to this, but information on commissions can be found on my most recent Journal on my dA, seen here: http://forte-girl7.deviantart.com/jour nal/27849244/

So I hope you look into that and also keep an eye out for new stuff.

Till Next Time,

Posted by Forte7 - July 30th, 2009

Yeah, after a few months of thinking about it, I decided to finally get a Newgrounds account. I've been thinking about it a lot, because I always found I strayed on here when I got bored and need a good game or movie to whittle my time away with and I guess the addition of the new Art Portal just pushed my decision over the fence to "DO IT."

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and I hope to get more stuff up. Maybe once I actually start animating in college (I start my freshmen year this fall) I'll post some of my stuff up here. Who knows? We'll have to wait an see.

Until then, I'll just post other random arts, like I've done so far. I hope you like what I have up at the moment and plan on getting more up soon. Also, a note to the Team Fortress 2 Class pictures. I do plan on doing the last three Classes (Medic, Pyro, and Heavy), so yeah. Hope to get them up soon too, to complete the full set.

Anywhozits, enjoy what I have to far. I hope to bring you guys more stuff later, though of course, you can always check out my DeviantArt for more stuff, too, if you'd like. ^^