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Posted by Forte7 - July 30th, 2009

Yeah, after a few months of thinking about it, I decided to finally get a Newgrounds account. I've been thinking about it a lot, because I always found I strayed on here when I got bored and need a good game or movie to whittle my time away with and I guess the addition of the new Art Portal just pushed my decision over the fence to "DO IT."

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and I hope to get more stuff up. Maybe once I actually start animating in college (I start my freshmen year this fall) I'll post some of my stuff up here. Who knows? We'll have to wait an see.

Until then, I'll just post other random arts, like I've done so far. I hope you like what I have up at the moment and plan on getting more up soon. Also, a note to the Team Fortress 2 Class pictures. I do plan on doing the last three Classes (Medic, Pyro, and Heavy), so yeah. Hope to get them up soon too, to complete the full set.

Anywhozits, enjoy what I have to far. I hope to bring you guys more stuff later, though of course, you can always check out my DeviantArt for more stuff, too, if you'd like. ^^



Welcome to Newgrounds!

fortunately I have the distinction of being the first to inform you that this is not a good website for the likes of you

by that I mean that you are female

please prepare to bombarded by flamboyant messages of great offense by horny thirteen year old males demanding you to post lewd and nude pictures of yourself and your friends

I wish you the best, but this website is a breeding ground for filthy, self
satisfying jerks that only care about cock jokes and hentai

I also really like the Art Portal as well

it might be the only hope for this site

if you would like an intelligent conversation, and don't what to be badgered by sexual predators please send me a personal message


please respond to this by PM

the art portal is less civilized than deviantart or elfwood...but...
you get a much better visibility
...at the risk of 13 year old and forum trolls.

i personally dont mind i just joined too and its not that bad.
love your TF classes portraits, they not only bring professional level art to this portal but also a fresh sense of humor that dosent include C***k jokes or cultural references...
added you to favorites , i grow hungry for your next sub's
add me to buddies if you want if you wanna discuss about comics or flash, or wanna do a flash collab

Mastermind475 is a stupid twat without a clue

Seriously his white knight ego-stroke of "I'm here to save you from depravity" is just proliferating awful stereotypes of the idiotic general forums inside jokes and mindless reverie that has no bearing on the site as a whole. The kind of person that would post that awful delineating shit to new member solely based on the fact that they are female, and then asking them to PM them to have a "intelligent conversation," twice mind you*, trying to save you from "13 year old sexual predators." Its disgusting.

Wow, just gotta say that your art is great! Love the TF2 stuff. Keep up the awesome!

just started and its chaos already!
well miss youve been warned, a horde of nerd trolls already invaded your new,s page, nd they are on a rampage......mabie i should sketch that next sub...

Very cool arts!
I like.

I'll be quick!

Welcome to Newgrounds (I'm new as well)! I love your art! Hope you stay for a long while!

If you're a chatter... drop me a PM sometime... I'll talk your ear off with my insanity!

And I'm gone!